Translated from the local newspaper today:

Hazardous jellyfish identified from Amédée Island to Bourail

The jellyfish in question, photographed last Sunday at Islet Ténia. The author of the pictures says “that there were many in the water and dozens stranded still alive. They are invisible in the water or almost, we see them thanks to their shade, the filaments are 100% invisible “. Chris CH Pictures

The dangerous jellyfish stings cause on people carrying full suits have been identified, had indicated the government in a statement:

These are jellyfish that can cause severe to very severe envenomation. Captures of these jellyfish are ongoing, for precise identification purposes. At this point, it appears to be “Irukandji” jellyfish, the Cubozoa class, commonly referred to as “cubo jellyfish” because of their box shape.

Testimonies of bathers also bitten have reported these jellyfish in a maritime geographical zone from the lagoon of Bourail to that of the island Amédée.

As a result, the DASS reiterates its recommendations:

– Do not bathe in the indicated areas.

– Do not handle a jellyfish, even stranded or dead.

In case of sting  :

– Get out of the water as soon as possible.

– Thoroughly rinse with vinegar as soon as possible the wound and the tentacles (if there are any) to inactivate the venom.

– After applying the vinegar, remove the tentacles gently, using tweezers, and not with bare hands.

– Dry and warm up the person quickly.

– Take a pain treatment if necessary.

– Request medical advice urgently, or call 15.

Warning :

– Never rinse lesions or tentacles with seawater, fresh water, urine, lemon, alcohol, soda, shaving foam, etc.

– Do not scratch the tentacles (the tension of the tentacles can cause a discharge of venom).