The crew of Dog Star is Clare, Robin and their daughter Iris. Clare and Robin are co-captains while Iris is the Admiral of the Fleet (yacht, dinghy and 3 paddleboards)


Clare’s first sailing trip was a learn to sail course paired with a 3 day charter in the Bay of Islands.  Since then she has been talked into buying boats and sailing off into the Pacific.  She’s not sure how that happened. Update: She has since figure out what happened and blogged it.


Robin sailed dinghies as a teenager and loved it, but when he stopped that it was quite some time before he realised he wanted to get back on the water. Robin loves the sound of the bubbles fizzing against the hull on 10 knot day with lots of sunshine.

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Iris is a born sailor, she likes nothing more than tucking into a good book in the v-berth while the boat crashes off short 3m waves and her parents fret about safety.

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