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Fishing, Helming and Pizza at Smokehouse Bay

Hi Everyone!

I’m sorry that I haven’t been writing much! Just having to much fun!

Recently, I have been taking my turn at helming (steering), going through narrow gaps between islands, anchoring and navigating through shallow channels (not to brag). Mum is the main person who steers, you know, berthing and stuff.

Yesterday and the day before we were at a nice bay in Port Fitzroy called Smokehouse Bay. There are two baths, one inside and one outside, a shower, awesome rope swings and pizza oven. We had a pizza party with some other boats and Fired up the oven. It was the best Pizza I have ever tasted!

Also, not to brag, I caught a MASSIVE snapper that weighed 2.6 kg. He will probably last us two nights, including a sashimi éntree!

Well, everything is going great here and I hope it is for everyone else as well!

Iris 🙂

Ps. I recently went back to Carterton and stayed at my Grandparents for two weeks. It was really interesting seeing everybody again! Thank you for having me!


  1. Granny Bardsley

    December 5, 2018 at 5:56 pm

    It is great to know that, after sailing the Pacific and having so many experiences, you can come back to New Zealand waters and catch the biggest fish and make and eat the best Pizza ever! Bravo! Smokehouse Bay has it all! Thank you, Iris!

    Granny Bardsley xxx

  2. Christine Blair

    December 5, 2018 at 9:40 pm

    Wow Iris, you have an impressive list of skills including boatmaster, pizza chef and fisher along with pavlova cook! Not forgetting of course flower arranger and innovative table setter. Xx

  3. Hi Iris …thanks for the update. So many interesting things to tell us. I’m glad you’re back in NZ and it sounds like it’s every bit as exciting as foreign waters. Congratulations on all your new skills…especially that fish! Bon appetit! xxxx

  4. Awesome Iris! That snapper is nearly bigger than you. I wonder if teaching someone to drive a boat is more or less nervewracking than teaching them to drive a car 😉 Especially navigating through shallow channels! Go you!

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