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Hi guys!

Recently, we have just been to somewhere called Whaakari or White Island. Whaakari is actually a volcano! Most of it is submerged under water.
We weren’t allowed to land, but we looked at it from the dingy.

Whaakari is actually a pretty dangerous place! There are ruins on the island of a sulfur plant that was hit by a lahar in 1914, killing all of the plant’s workers.  We saw loads of smoke coming out but no lava or magma, but it does have an eruption every so often.

A volcano is caused by a rupture in the earth’s crust, when it breaks or splits. They produce lava, volcanic ash and gas.

There are around 33 active volcanoes in New Zealand and around 1,500 active volcanoes on earth. Isn’t that pretty awesome!

By the way, I’ve just started doing watches! They are actually really fun and I’m really looking forward to progressing to night watches!

Well, thanks for reading our blog!

Iris 🙂


  1. Crikey, Iris .. You are a master mariner! I guess if you can have control of your own P class yacht, you are well able to be on watch on an ocean-going one!
    I would love to visit White Island .. Vulcanology is fascinating! Soon you will be what we call a walking encyclopaedia.

    There is a considerable amount to see in New Zealand waters and around our coastlines.

    We enjoy seeing where you are on the waves so can you please ask Captain Weasel to fix up the tracker.

    Lots of love

    Granny Bardsley xxx

    Granny Ba Daley

  2. Great stuff Iris, I didn’t realise those people were killed. Must have been quite scary, no wonder Dad got spooked

  3. Lovely to read about your wonderful trip. Your story is very interesting. I did not know that there were so many volcanoes in New Zealand let alone around the world. Best not to be near when they start erupting. ?
    You will have lots of interesting stories to tell your school friends.
    Lots of love from France. Xxx

  4. I love your stories. Well thought through and informative. Donna and I are heading back to New Zealand January 13th for our annual visit. Keep up the lovely stories. Thank you from the United States.

  5. Is that what happened on White Island! Erg no wonder you didn’t want to stay the night there. Maybe you can tell us what you have to do while you are on watch? I’ve no idea!

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