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At the moment we are in Auckland and staying at a friends place (they have cats!!) .
The journey up here was really nice. On the way we stopped at a place called Rabbit Island and I speared a red moki (fish), but it most unfortunately slipped of my spear gun :(.  We did have butterfish sashimi for dinner though, which was very niceWe also went to the Mercury Islands. Mum pumped up my paddle board for me and i was just about to head off to Peach Grove, when this massive Bronze Whaler (shark) just swam underneath the paddle board! That was the end of swimming for the day!  Mum and I did go to the beach in the dinghy thought, and that was cool!

The past two dinners we have had here in Auckland have been roasts with pavlova and brownie, not reyhdrated two minute noodles. It was so good.
The thing about living on a boat is that you don’t get home-cooked meals much and you never have baths. Only showers and swims.

Hope everybody is having a nice bath and a roast tonight!
Iris 🙂


  1. Well, Iris Annie Marshall, some people and some fish have all the luck. You are so lucky to be having such a wonderful adventure and the red moki was lucky to get off and live another day. Disappointing for you, I know, but you did have fabulous butterfish for dinner. And it must be nice to know that a red moki is swimming happily amongst the other fish and the kelp. You have had a great time getting to Auckland. Great to hear from you. GO, Iris!

  2. Hi again Iris! Great to read all your news and so interesting! Imagine there being a shark in the water! Thank goodness you are water savvy.

    Tell me…was Eunice one of the cats? Daddy said you might visit her.

    Keep having fun my sweetie.
    Lots of love
    Granny xxx

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