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Boat Life In Gisborne

At the moment we are in Gisborne, visiting Mum’s side of the family. It’s raining here but the sunshine is really nice.

The passage here was a bit rough around Palliser Bay, but it usually is. Afterwards it was nice coming into the harbor and relaxing.

We celebrated Great Aunt Catherine’s birthday yesterday. It was really fun! She was turning ninety, so we had a big cake with ninety candles on it!

I’m getting used to boat life and homeschooling (though very slowly). The small space is not so bad now and the tiny galley (boat slang for kitchen) isn’t so tiny anymore.

I hope that everyone back home is having a good time!

Best wishes,
Iris 🙂


  1. Great blog post Sausage Bear!

  2. Yay Iris! A time of adventure on the sea, and the beginnings of a massive career in music 🙂

  3. Great blog Iris! I’ll be following your adventures all the way. ?xx

  4. It has been wonderful to have you here Iris – and your olds! What an amazing family. I hope all is well as you head up yo the Cape now. Keep us posted. ????

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